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Automotive Borescopes

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Automotive Borescopes

Automotive Borescopes
  • Handheld articulating 360°all-way.
  • Optical fiber lighting.
  • Smooth,Rugged 4-layer sheathing.
  • Ergonomic grip design.
  • Very short distal tip on the market.
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Industries
  • Sample Images

Automotive Borescopes Specifications

Environment request
Working temp. -10℃-50℃, no preheat need(customized -40℃-85℃)
Probe working temp. -20℃-70℃ (customized temp.)
Storage temp. -30℃-50℃
Relative humidity max 95%,No condensation
Waterproof Insertion tube IP67
Measurements 350*155*59mm
Battery working time 4 hours
Weight 0.55kg,with suitcase:3kg
Display 5 inch HD LCD
Display Resolution 640*480
SD card support 32GB(max 128GB)
Video output HDMI HD Interface Dual Screen Synchronous Display
Illuminance ≧120,000 lux
Illumination Type Fiber lighting
Brightness 8 levels variable
View of angle 80° \ 90° \ 100° \ 120°
Depth of field 3mm-80mm \ 5mm-120mm \ 10mm-300mm \ 15mm-∞
Pixels 160,000 \ 1 million \ 1 million
Outer diameter 2.4 mm 2.8 mm 4 mm 6 mm
Length of the insert tube 0 m-7 m
OS Linux
Video/Image format MP4/JPEG(.JPG)
Image Rotate,zoom in/out(4times), capture,video shoot,preview
Digital zoom 4 times
System language English German Spanish French Italy Japanese Chinese

WSC-Automotive Borescopes

Excellent functionality and ergonomics.

Detachable parts (One Host can work with different diameters of the insertion tube)

The different lenses with different diameters for diversified applications. It is one of the shortest distal tips on the market, and the rigid end of the bending section is only 13mm long. Such sort rigid section aids in navigating the insertion tube through curved or complicated applications.


The high-quality lenses can deliver high resolution, sharpness, and image details. Also, it has better performance when under -40℃ or extremely high temperatures.

4x digital zoom to mafnify the image when unable to move the camare tip closer to the disired target.









4x digital zoom to magnify the image when unable to move the camera tip closer to the desired target. Furthermore, adjustable brightness 8 levels can prevent light washout and help to always provide a clear image.

Enhanced features:

  1. Integrated high-power fiber-lighting illumination.
  2. Excellent functionality and ergonomics.



Aviation & aerospace


Chemical processing


Precision manufacturing


Oil & gas


After-sale service


Power grid



Spare parts erosion

metal corrosion





Spare parts erosion Metal corrosion



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