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Before buying from us, please find out the answers to these questions:


1. What is the size of access to the inspection object or inspection hole?

Vinex will offer the borescopes with a suitable diameter for the inspection tube.

The available diameter of insertion tube:





1.8mm or even 0.5mm


2. How much depth of the field you need?

The depth of field(DOF) /focus range describes the distance from the tip of the

tube to the furthest object which appears clearly focused. Usually:




3. What is the frequency of using the borescopes?


If in the production line for spare parts inspection one by one it lasts to work about 8 hours per day, the sheath of insertion tube must be durable and wearable or specially designed to extend the life span.


4. What is the temperature of the working spot or your applications?


Usually -10℃-80℃ is the regular range of a borescope working. If the temperature is -40℃ or some applications up to 100℃, it must be customized to meet your demand.


Details us more, the better borescopes we can offer and better experience you will have when you in using it. For any problems or assistance, please contact us, vinex help you select the right one for your specific applications.


Delivery Time

For the lead time of regular borescopes, it is about 15 days from the order placing to us to delivery arranged.

For specific borescopes, we will have one more week.




One-year warranty by Vinex.

Lifetime to maintain by Vinex authorized dealers.

We will update the software or firmware to debug if in need.



Vinex authorized dealers will repair the full range of our products at your local for simple maintenance.

If it is a complicated to repair, it will be returned to Vinex and we will repair it and replace some parts if in need. At the same time, We will ship you a loaner borescope to shorten your downtime.

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