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Before buying us, please find out the answers to the questions:


  • What is the size of access to the inspection object or inspection hole?

Vinex will offer the borescopes with a suitable diameter for the inspection tube.

The available diameter of the insertion tube:





1.8mm or even 0.5mm


  • How much depth of the field do you need?

The depth of field(DOF) /focus range describes the distance from the tip of the

tube to the furthest object which appears clearly focused. Usually:





  • what is the frequency of using the borescopes?

If in the production line for spare parts inspection one by one it lasts to work about 8 hours per day, the sheath of insertion tube must be durable and wearable or specially designed to extend the life span.

  • What is the temperature of the working spot or your applications?

Usually -10℃-80℃ is the regular range of a borescope working. If the temperature is -40℃ or some applications up to 100℃, it must be customized to meet your demand.

  • Any testing reports of our videoscopes we can offer?

We have aging test, waterproof testing reports, and material testing reports.

See the selected report covers below:


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